Suspect in Starbucks Robbery Now Trying To Sue Man Who Stopped Him


The man being called a hero by stopping a robbery in progress at a Fresno Starbucks in July is now being sued by the suspect.

Ryan Flores, 30, attempted to rob a Starbucks barista with a knife and a fake gun and was wearing a transformers mask.   During the robbery attempt, he was hit with a chair by a customer behind him and then stabbed with his own knife.

Cregg Jerri, 58, was the customer that intervened.  Flores pulled a knife on Cregg the the two started wrestling over the weapon.  Jerry sustained a stab wound to the neck, but was still able to get the knife away and stab Flores 17 times during the fight.

Flores' mother jumped in to defend her son claiming that the Good Samaritan used "excessive force" and told KSEE News that Flores was planning to file a lawsuit.


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