Today on The Show - Friday, September 29

It's National Coffee Day & lots of places are giving it away FREE today!

Rocket Travel?  Elon Musk says you'll be able to do it soon.

Most popular fast food places for people who've got "The Munchies"

NFL players buy this kid an X-Box because he was wearing a Kaepernick jersey.

Dirty habits.  How many of these are you guilty of?

Comedian Ryan Sickler at the Comedy Store.

Here are the highest paid TV actors - Jim Parsons is at the top with $27.5

These are the 5 movie characters you should have in your Wolf Pack for a degenerate weekend in Vegas. 

A 16-year old teen's Presidential campaign for Deez Nuts went viral - and now he's in big trouble with the Feds.


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