5 Things That Are Becoming Extinct Thanks To Millennials

1. Diamonds

Maybe diamonds aren't forever?  It seems as though Millennial spending habits show that they don't want to blow their money on diamonds but would rather spend money on luxury goods and trips around the world.  It appears as though the diamond industry may in fact be taking a hit because of it.

2. Business Cards

psssh who uses business cards anymore? Certainly not millennials.  Turns out that if you're under the age of 33 you're probably not using business cards but rather use apps that let users bump phones and exchange information, connect on social media, etc.

3. Movies

Seems as though NetFlix and chill is now replacing the movie industry for many millennials.  

The number of ticket buyers between the ages of 12-17 fell to 5.3 million in 2015 which is down 5.5 million people in the last two years.

4. Bar Soap

Millennials believe that bar soap is covered in germs and more inconvenient to use compared to pump soap.  

5. Beer

Who doesn't like beer?  I though millennials were more on the craft beer bandwagon but according to this survey millennials aren't drinking a  whole lot of beer. 

In fact sales have dropped 1% from 2016-2017

6. Post Cards

I mean who really sends these anymore? I didn't think it was just millennials, but it turns out that millennials prefer to take selfies and post them on the internet for their family and friends to see rather than send them a post card.

Just 25-years ago more than 20 million postcards were sold each year and now that number has dropped significantly to just five or six million.

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