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Eddie's Blog: Sister Runs On To Field And Gets Kicked Out

Sky's Blog: Cracking Glass Walkway

Eminem rap about Donald Trump. NSFW!!!! You have to hear this!!!

Today on The Show

Rose McGowan Ben Affleck's A Hypocrite!  He knew Harvey Weinstein Assaulted Me

Gwyneth Paltrow, AngelinaJolie and Others SayWeinstein Harassed Them

2017’s Best Foodie Cities in America

United States fails to qualify for 2018 World Cup after loss in Trinidad

New data shows how much money it takes to ruin a friendship

Couple find hidden camera in their Florida Airbnb

Amazon is exploring ways to deliver items to your car trunk and the inside of your home

Moms are joining together and collectively deciding their kids should only get 4 gifts at a time — here's their logic

The Best High School TV Shows


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