Least Surprising Poll Ever Claims That Most People Freak Out About Farts

The Show discussed it this morning!  Listen!

Research conducted by flatulence deodorant drug manufacturer, Devrom, found that nearly six in ten Americans have had to endure the embarrassment of a bathroom related injury per week.

Although talking to someone you find attractive topped the list of the most awkward and embarrassing situations and bumping into an ex but everyone has experienced a moment of embarrassment after passing gas.   The anxiety over not just the sound but the smell as well.  The sound is only temporary if at all, but the smell can be  horrible and can linger for quite some time.

Odor from flatulence is something we all experience yet we seem to freak out about it the most because it can happen at the most inconvenient times like at work, in an office meeting, while you are stretching in yoga and it slips out or during sexual intimacy.  

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