Playboy Announces First Ever Transgender Playmate

Hear what The Show had to say about it this morning

Meet miss November.  Ines Rau is the playmate of the month and she is also a transgender model.  

Playboy has attempted gigantic changes this year as their subscriptions have been declining.  First they tried to have non-nude teens and just before Hef died they went back to fully nude models again.  

This time in huge new move they have announced their first transgender playmate for the November 2017 issue.  The model, Ines Rau, sat down for an interview with Playboy where she told readers about herself:  

“Being a woman doesn’t mean being extremely feminine all the time. Being a woman is just being a woman.”

“I always knew from within, when I was a little kid in my room in  the ghetto, that a beautiful destiny was waiting for me. I don’t know  how to explain it. A little voice was telling me, ‘You’ll see.  Patience.’ ”

As the culture wars rage on between progressivism and social conservatism they aren't ending anytime soon and now, Playboy and Rau will be right in the center of it all.

See more Ines Rau and then below see what Twitter had to say about it all... 

On Twitter, Playboy has received both supportive and some extremely not supportive comments accusing Rau of being a man, etc despite transitioning into a woman through surgery. 

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