Throwback Thursday on The Show - October 19th

The Show's Throwback Thursday Blogs

Eddie's blog: Eddie As A Zombie

Sky's blog: Little Sky

Thor's blog: Family football game before my sister's wedding

Today on The Show

San Diego and Carlsbad Named Among 'Happiest' Cities in US

Gen Z and Millennials now more likely to communicate with each other digitally than in person

Jason Mewes in studio with The Show

Goodell: NFL believes players should stand for anthem

California restaurant 'proudly' serves Popeyes chicken as its own, charges $13

Massachusetts school drops Halloween for "black and orange" spirit day

This Guy Got an Actual PhD in Threesomes. Here Are 5 Things He Learned

Her roommate's Snapchat revealed a 'nasty' surprise slipped in her water bottles police say



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