10 Things Guys Want Women To Know About Men

1. We Get Emotional Too

We might not show it by crying or sitting on the couch watching chick flicks but we'll go to the gym or try and keep busy when we're upset (and then cry and watch chick flicks)

2. When We Tell You That You Look Pretty Without Makeup , We Mean It

Look, we know that women do this all the time, but men don't offer up compliments unless we mean it.

3. Sometimes We Act Full Of Ourselves Because We're Really Insecure

Sure, some guys are egocentric douchebags and even they have insecurities.  Sometimes though, when we're hitting on you at a bar, we're really nervous and trying to look calm and composed rather than a stammering idiot.  

4. We Have Insecurities About Our Bodies Too

We fear going bald and gaining weight, or the worst is winding up with penis problems.  It might not be drilled into our heads by the media 24/7 but we are still very self conscious about our weight and looks.  We just don't talk about it all the time.  

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