This friendship is over and this guy should be arrested!

The World Series has been crazy and last night was on another level. There were a TON of home runs hit during the game and in the top of the 9th the Dodgers hit another one. The game was in Houston so obviously Astros fans were everywhere. I don't care what fan I am though if I catch a ball in the World Series I'm keeping it.

When the Dodgers hit a home run a women caught it and starts celebrating with her boyfriend even though they are Astros fans. Well their friend grabs the ball out of her hand and throws it back! This would seriously cause me to end a friendship! I don't care what team hits the home run! IT IS THE FREAKING WORLD SERIES AND YOU JUST CAUGHT A BALL! This guy who rips it out of his friends girlfriends hand should have been arrested! 

Watch this video and try not to get mad!



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