The World Fails To Agree On Cheese Placement On Google's Burger Emoji

The most important discussion on the internet today is... CHEESE!

That's right, cheese on the burger emoji.  Do we really need to care about where the cheese is placed on a burger emoji?  Apparently so.

Turns out Emojipedia indirectly started all of this when they put together a chart of all of the tech giants' competing burgers and it turns out that Google's emoji was the ONLY burger with cheese at the bottom.

See the chart below....

The internet went crazy!  

"Google's positioning of the cheese is blasphemous" scorned one woman.  

“You never put the tomato directly adjacent to the bread as it makes the bread soggy,” Microsoft’s font program manager told the site. “Lettuce and tomato should be together.”

This great debate rages on and even Fox News had to get involved.  Read about it at 


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