Inconsistencies Cast Doubt On Two Women Lost At Sea For Five Months

The Show talked about it this morning!  Listen to what they had to say:

A growing list of inconsistencies is starting to cast doubt on the tale of two women who claim to be lost at sea for five months.

According to the U.S. Coast Guard the women never activated their emergency beacon.  The two women claim that they chose not to use the beacon because they didn't feel they were in imminent danger. One of the sailors, Jennifer Appel claims that she believed imminent danger would mean that they think they are going to die within the next 24 hours.

“Our hull was solid, we were floating, we had food, we had water, and we had limited maneuverable capacity,” Appel said in Japan, where the U.S. Navy took them after they were rescued by a Navy ship. “All those things did not say we are going to die. All that said, it’s going to take us a whole lot longer to get where we’re going.”

The women also had six different forms of emergency communications and each and every single one of them failed.

Key elements of the women's accounts are contradicted by authorities, basic ocean geography and weather reports.

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