These two clips sum up a the most pathetic football season ever for me.

These two clips basiaclly sum up my season as a NY Giants fan. The Giants were suppose to be a Super Bowl contender and Vegas had them at 12-1 odds to win the Super Bowl.! 5th best! Now they are the 1st or 2nd worst team in the NFL and these two clips sum it up!

Let's start with this sweet clip of them giving up a 3rd and 34! The best part of it is the bust of first round pick Eli Apple quitting on the play and not even trying. He is a first class loser for this and another in a long tine of terrible draft picks by Jerry Reese.

Check out how he doesn't make an attempt at all! 

This one takes the cake though. Giants head coach Ben Mcadoo was asked what he said to his players at halftime and his response was all time! This may be one of the reasons they are 1-7 with sweet halftime speeches like this! Nothing says I'll get my players to run thru a wall for me like saying "um......"

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