Today on The Show - Monday, November 6th

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Eddie's Blog: The Nicest Hotel Ever... For Dogs!

Sky's Blog: Remembrance

Thor's Blog: These two clips sum up a the most pathetic football season ever for me.

Today on The Show

Forget Daylight Saving, We Should Adopt a Single, Universal Time, Scientists Say

Man in the mirror: Typical male spends a year of their life in the bathroom including two hours a week posing... and 112 days sitting on the loo

Alec Baldwin announces Twitter leave after criticism over Rose McGowan comments

Are You A Bad Friend If You Do These Things?

Texas church shooting leaves 26 dead, including 8 members of one family

Once an ’80s staple, cassette tapes are making a comeback

National Nachos Day - November 6

Man Shot Himself In Penis While Robbing Hot Dog Stand, Police Say


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