Man Born White Claims He's 'Transracial' and Identifies As Filipino

Ja Du, born as a white man named Adam claims that he is now Filipino.

Ja Du is part of a small but increasing number of people that identify as 'transracial.'  

Du claims that he grew up enjoying Filipino food and the overall culture and says that whenever he is around the music, the food and the people he feels like he is in "his own skin."

The term transracial become more widely known when the president of the Washington chapter of the NAACP, Rachel Dolezal, born white, claimed that she identified as a black woman and even portrayed herself as such.  

Now, it seems transracial groups are popping up all around the country.

What Psychologists have to say:

Psychologist Stacey Schreckner weighed in and although she had never had experience treating a client that wanted to change their race, she has worked with clients who desired to change other physical features.

“If someone feels that they feel at home with a certain religion, a certain race, a certain culture, I think that, if that’s who they really feel inside, life is about finding out who you are," she said. "The more knowledge you have of yourself, the happier you can be"

She continues: “And, as long as it’s not hurting yourself or anyone else, I don’t see a problem with that.”

As for Ja Du he says he has not told his family yet for fear that they will laugh at him and receive criticism the way Rachel Dolezal did.

“If that’s who they are and they want to celebrate it and enjoy it, then you have to think: What harm is it doing? All they want to do is throw themselves into that culture and celebrate it," she said.

“I think before we get offended, we need to take a step back and think about what is the harm.”

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