How To Get Back In The Sack If You're Husband Doesn't Want Sex

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Usually it's women that have the lower sex drive and therefore women are often times left surprised and feeling like he has lost that loving feeling for you but here are the most common reasons why men don't want to have sex and solutions for reigniting his libido.

1. He wants to relax after a long day

If he's opting to retreat into his man cave and be alone that could be an obvious sign of disconnect but he may not even realized that you miss him and that you want to spend time with him.  Sometimes you just need to let him know that you miss being with him and that you would like to spend time relaxing together.  Whether it's drinking wine together or reading side by side in bed there's an opportunity for intimacy at that point.

2. He has performance anxiety

If your man has had trouble rising to the occasion in the past he can get embarrassed and that turns into pressure for him and that can lead to him turning off completely.

If you think that is the case then you can ask him to do something pleasurable for you like oral sex or manual stimulation.  Odds are that if she is getting excited, her arousal could arouse him more.  

3. He's Feeling Fat

Turns out that women aren't the only ones that worry about their weight, aging or waning attractiveness. There is enormous pressure from our culture to have flat bellies and look perfect and men feel that pressure as well.  It will do him some good to let him know that he still sets your heart racing.  It would also be beneficial for the both of you to structure your lifestyle so that you can be active together.

4. He's watching too much porn

Spending more time online watching porn doesn't mean he's any less attracted to you but watching too much porn has shown to lower male desire and cause erectile dysfunction.  If his x-rated appetite continues to grow while your sex life continues there is an underlying issue between the couple in which case it might be a good idea to seek the advice of a counselor.

5. He's reminded of the kids

Not all couples lose their sex lives after having kids but some husbands have trouble seeing their wives as sexual beings once they become a mom. Another libido killer is making the mistake of putting your children-and not your spouse- in the center of the family unit.  This means it's time to clear out the kiddie toys, photos and even their laundry and tell your kids it's time for some mommy and daddy time.

Woman' has 5 more reasons your husband could be losing his libido and how to help him get it back.

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