Lamb Of God Might Be Planning A Big Summer 2018 Tour?

Lamb Of God - Photo: Desiree Bates

Lamb of God took a brief hiatus after its bad ass Summer tour with Behemoth and Slayer, guitarist Willie Adler says that they are still writing new music in their downtime.  

But when is Lamb of God coming back exactly? "Well, it could be as early as this Summer" according to front man's interview with Hatebreed's Jamey Jasta on his podcast.

JJ: I'm hearing rumors. I think there's going to be a big summer tour that's going to happen

RB: I cannot say anything, and I gotta watch myself … I can neither  confirm nor deny any rumors nor activities thereof of a bunch of dudes  from Richmond, Virginia.

Photo: Desiree Bates (The Forum L.A.)

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