A Message To P1s From Emily

Well, It's finally here. Back to work. It has been 6 months! Crap. 6 months out of work is BRUTAL. Since I have been a working mom with an early start time, I have never really been able to take my son to school. His name is Reed and he is 7 and WOW do I have sympathy now for stay at home moms and dads. It's so much easier to get up and go to work then get a kid up, fed, dressed, and out the door! Holy balls! Reed isn't the easiest kid (to say the least). As we get to know each other better I will share our behavioral struggles. Something we have been battling for the past 5 years. ADHD, anger, ups and downs. It has been really tough. If you have a child with these issues you know what I'm talking about. EVERYTHING is a struggle. Struggling with everything is draining.

After a long 6 months and spending the past few months waiting to hear if I got the job with The Show or not...the time is finally here! My first day was yesterday. Of course I come down with a bad cold a few days before I start. It was so nerve-racking to walk into my first day. I have not been nervous to go on the air for a long time now so it was a new feeling. Eddie, Sky and Thor know each other so well. They know each others mannerisms, oddities etc. I have though known Eddie for a while. They have all been so incredibly nice and gracious during this whole "getting to know you" process.

As day 2 is in the books, I feel 1 million times more comfortable. I'm the type of person that worries that I'm bugging someone or in someone else's space or disrupting their routine and so that makes it tricky to be the new girl. I think I am finding my way here really good and I can't wait to kick ass! This station is so much more my style! I want you P1's to know that I would never try and replace someone. I'm just gonna be me :) I greatly appreciate your love, kind words and gratitude!




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