10 Chivalrous Acts That Make Him A True Gentleman

1. He Cares About Your Opinion And Shows Respect

Wait, what?  Yes, women can tell when you're taking us seriously.   We can also tell when a guy wants to know more about you because he will, you know, ask.  He might be interested in what you believe, what you think about things and we can tell when you value our opinions and turns out it's what we look for the most in a guy. 

2. He Holds The Door Open For You

I mean this is just common decency for any human being to do for any other human being but at the same time if they don't do this for you than it says a lot about who they are especially if you are dating they guy. 

3. He Calls When He Says He Will

Women are the ones that are always waiting for the guy to call.  Usually, waiting and waiting and.... waiting. CHecking our phones and waiting some more.  There is nothing more infuriating and or stressful than waiting for the guy you like to call or text you back.  If a guy says he's going to call you at 5:30pm and actually does it then it he's a keeper.

4. He Doesn't Play Games

There is nothing more attractive than a guy that doesn't beat around the bush.  If a guy is into you, he lets you know and if he's confident enough then he won't be too afraid to show that side of him.  If he likes you and he's excited to get to know you then he wants you to know it.  

5. He Actually Wants To Meet Your Family And Friends

You can usually tell that a man is serious about you when he is glad to meet your mom, shake hands with your dad and then meet all of your friends.  He even puts on a smile for the ones that he doesn't necessarily get along with.

6. He Makes Sure You Get Home OK

Imagine this:  He doesn't wait three days to call you and instead drops you a brief text just to make sure that you got home safe.   

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