Shameless Woman Returns Dead Christmas Tree On January 4th

So, Christmas is over and therfore it's time to take down the dead tree or in some shameless people's cases it's time to return it to the store in which you bought it.  This woman below decided to do just that and one eye-witness standing in line behind her decided to document the entire return and post it online.  The internet is infuriated!

To give you a little background on Costco (and most retailers) they guarantee almost all of their products and will refund you in full if you aren't completely satisfied. So, whether this woman really needed the money is unknown but read on below about how infuriated the internet is when this woman blatantly and shamelessly abuses Costco's refund policy.  

Woman returns Dead Christmas Tree

One eye-witness had this to say as he posted the photo to Facebook

Man shames woman for returning dead christmas tree to costco posts it online
There is Frugal, there is cheap... and then there is this brazen lady
people like this are miserable
the same woman that returns poop filled diapers

Some other people who have witnessed the same types of people chimed in to confirm that this does in fact take place.

People do this all the time.  They will even demand a refund without bringing the tree back
I worked for a store that took a return on an item they didn't even sell just to shut the idiot up


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