Things That Make Men Swipe Left On Tinder

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Snapchat Filters

One of the top no-no's on Tinder, it seems is the Snapchat filters.  You know the ones that smooth out your face, make your eyes bigger and ultimately make you appear more attractive.

Lloyd says

Duck faces and overly-used Snapchat filters. Especially the dog one.

Danny, 28 says:

They just come across as childish – and a failed attempt at enhancing themselves.

Self-Confessed Vegans

Mel, 42 says:

Vegans are famed for their modesty and reticence on the subject – so to see it front and centre as a romantic sales pitch would fill me with suspicion.

No Profile Photo At All

John says:

I’m not happy with how I look but I’ve still put photos up. So I’d expect the same in return.

Photos From your Wedding Day

I mean, really?


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