OJ Simpson Shoots Down Rumors Of Being Khloe Kardashians Father


OJ Simpson assures reporters that he is not Khloe Kardashians real father - shooting down the long running conspiracy theory. 

The former football player made the statement when a reporter asked him if a congratulations were in order regarding Kardashians pregnancy announcement.

"Congratulations to her, but trust me I have nothing to do with it," Simpson told a TMZ cameraman in Las Vegas. "I would be proud if I had anything to do with it, but I don't."

OJ Simpson was close friends with Khloe Kardashians father, Robert Kardashian when he was part of Simpson's legal defense team during the infamous 1995 murder trial.

The conspiracy started when simpson was incarcerated on armed robbery and kidnapping charges and he claimed he would take a paternity test if Kardashian visited him which definitely seems to imply that he had some sort of relationship with Kris Jenner / Kardashian.


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