Throwback Thursday on The Show - January 18

The Show's Throwback Thursday Blogs

Eddie's Blog: Sticker Strike

Sky's Blog:  2006 Golf Tournament Maness

Thor's Blog: Me and the family thru the years

Emily's Blog: RIP Our SD Chargers

Today on The Show

11 Things Guys Do When You're Not Around But Will Never Admit To

Take the Same Cognitive Assessment Test That Trump Took

Taylor leads Bulldogs to comeback 77-73 win vs Aztecs

Flu-related deaths hit record-high 142 as epidemic surges in San Diego County

China wants to clean Earth’s orbit by blasting space junk with giant lasers

Tom Cruise Might Have Injured Himself Again On The Set Of Mission: Impossible 6

13 Movie Subplots That Are WAY More Interesting Than The Actual Movie

Flying Dinosaurs Sightings Are On The Rise in North Carolina



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