Things You Should Never Do When You're Angry

Things you shouldn't do when you're angry

Things you shouldn't do when you're angry

Have you ever noticed that when you get in a heated argument with someone it not only puts you in a bad mood, but it also affects your ability to perform everyday tasks in ways that could be dangerous for you and those around you; like driving. Experts weigh in on the things you should never do while you are angry and tips to regain your composure.

1. You Shouldn't Go To Sleep Angry

Going to sleep angry can reinforce or 'preserve' negative emotions according to  the journal of Neuroscience which found that sleep enhances memories, especially emotional ones.  "We are learning that sleep seems to help us process and consolidate information we acquire while we are awake," says Allen Towfigh, MD, a New York City-based board certified sleep medicine doctor and neurologist. 

2. You definitely shouldn't drive

As we've seen by news reports on increased road rage incidents, operating a motor vehicle while you are angry can be very dangerous.  Obviously you will be more primed to attack another driver. IN addition to that th ough, being angry can give you tunnel vision where you can only stare straight ahead and you may not see a car next to you or a pedestrian coming into your peripheral vision.  If you absolutely must drive when you're angry make sure that you are cognicent of your anger and understand that you are more likely to attack other drivers, that alone can decrease your likelihood of actually doing it.  

3.  You shouldn't keep arguing

staying in an angry conversation will not allow you to move past it, can actually just make you more and more angry and will increase the likelihood of you saying something to your loved one that you will later regret and can't take back.    Take a time out.  Come back when you are calm and can express yourself in a more mindful manner where you can choose your words more carefully.

4.  DO NOT post about your conflict on Facebook

First, no one wants to hear about your conflicts on Facebook.  I repeat, no one.  Second, broadcasting your negative feelings to your friends and family about your loved one can come back and haunt you. And third, this is a very private matter not for social media.  Just like saying something you can't take back, posting to social media for the whole world to see is also something you can never take back.

5. You shouldn't drink alcohol 

Most people claim that they need a glass of wine to calm down and relax, but drinking after an angry encounter often does the opposite.  Alcohol lowers your inhibitions which can lead you to act out your anger which can lead to more permanent to destruction by doing things that you will later regret... all from a temporary emotion.

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