Skraby's Horrifying Bathroom Story

Skraby's Horrifying Bathroom Story

Skraby went to a party with a bunch of hot yoga chicks and he was super awkward anyway, but then.... he had to go to the restroom and drop a deuce. No problems here, he sprayed to make sure there is no odor, but then when he went to flush the toilet is when the disgustingness started. 

He clogged the toilet.  It wouldn't flush and the water started to rise.  He frantically looked around the bathroom for a plunger, SOMETHING!  His only resort was to wrap his hand in toilet paper 15 times and then shoved his hand in a crap filled toilet bowl just to re-arrange things so he could then flush the toilet.

  LIsten to the podcast and tell us if you would have done the same thing?



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