Local Spotlight Artist - Stokka

Local BandStokka

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Band Facebook Page: @stokkasd

Band Instagram: @stokka.ca

Bio: Stokka is a San Diego band that has roots from eastern Europe and are influenced by many different types of music. Each band member has an eclectic taste and brings a different style to the table and thats what makes them so unique. Having been together for a year and a half, its more than just a band, its a gang. Rock n roll, partying, writing music, and having a good time is what Stokka is all about. They recently welcomed a new drummer into the band and he's a perfect fit. Dizzy Krash has brought a new energy to the band and between him and Rattle Jake (on bass) they kill it. Ben is the rhythm (guitarist) behind everything and holds it down. With Joe screaming his heart out and Tony backing him on vocals and playing lead guitar the band is complete. Currently they have multiple shows booked and have been recording new songs for an upcoming ep. Find Stokka in San Diego, Orange County, and Los Angeles....come party with Stokka!!!!


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