Fred Durst Was Mainstream In The Late 90's, So Why'd He Suddenly Disappear

Fred Durst, frontman for Limp Bizkit was an American rap rock band from Florida which was formed in 1994 and Durst's angry vocals caused them to gain mainstream success by 1999 when the band was unavoidable and Fred Durst was everywhere.  Now, almost 18 years later you never hear Fred Durst's name anywhere. What happened?

Despite that Durst was lashing out at his own fans who he claimed "had a bully mentality," he himself has a long list of feuds with other bands and has seemed to just plain make up stories about female artists that put him on a lot of artist's bad sides:

In 2000 Durst Started Feud With Creed

Both Limp Bizkit and Creed were on the bill to play at the Dysfunctional Family Picnic in Holmdel N.J. and Limp Bizkit was supposed to go on stage ahead of Creed.  Not only did they take the stage late, but Durst also had some choice words for Stapp, calling him an "egomaniac" and an f**ing punk.

Creed's representatives responded to Durst's comments, saying "We are extremely disappointed that Fred Durst has taken his personal feelings towards us public, considering we have never met or spoken to him. We are more disappointed that Fred is manipulating the media and the truth by using Creed as a scapegoat for his own immature and egotistical actions."

He Got On Xtina Aguilera's Bad Side By Making Up Rumors

You may remember that Christina Aguilera and Durst performed together at the 2000 MTV Video Music Awards.  The performance was in interesting crossover that didn't seem to make much sense. In fact Durst had a very small part in Xtina's song and they really didn't perform together. Durst later said his reasoning for it was "I want the girl, that's it." Durst insinuated that she got the gig because of him and the pop starlet was not happy and issued a statement of her own:

"You wish you got some nookie from it," she said. "He got no nookie. That did not happen… it's some really crazy stuff that people want to insinuate and people want to say and it is hurtful."

According to Britney Spears He Made Up Relationship Rumors About Her Too

his alleged relationship with Britney Spears which she claims never happened and also claimed that she "barely knew the singer" and completely denied any relationship with him at all.

Durst went on talk shows and fan forums responding about a short fling with Spears and was even writing lyrics about his experiences with spears including her body and their private activities.

"It's sad that he's decided to make up stories, and the situation feels  very junior high school," a spokesperson for Spears said.

Durst, who claims he wrote lyrics for Spears said that he told her label that she couldn't use his songs when Spears began denying their personal relationship.

Even though Durst's publicity started to fade after these incidents Durst claims that it was his own record label was "milking them to death and then the band started living their successes in different ways." and "Limp Bizkit got too huge and we've always been more indie"

Fred Dursts last hit:

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