AMA District 37 Big 6 Series West Coast Grand Prix Race Report

AMA district 37 Big 6 Grand Prix Glen Helen 2018

The Big 6 and Prairie Dog MC’s crews did a awesome job on the Glen Helen round this past weekend. WCGP, round #3 was located at Glen Helen and hosted by the Prairie Dogs MC for the 26th year. The weather was a huge factor with significant rain the night before and occasional showers on race day. Despite the raining weather the turnout was very strong for all classes throughout the weekend. The pro race had all the main players present including 6 factory supported teams. The 1.5hr race started MX gate style with lap times running around the 12 minute mark for the leaders. JCR/Honda's Trevor Stewart lead all 8 laps of the race with the top 4 only seconds apart making "edge of your seat racing action" for the fans. The rain started to come down on the last lap. The back portion of the course ran a long paved section and Trevor came in a bit to hot and slid out. He regrouped quickly, hunted down the two leaders and finished 3rd for the day only 1-bike length behind. A heartbreaker to miss the win after the race effort he put in. Trevor moved up into 2nd in the Championship and still stood on the podium. “I’m very pumped on Trevor. He is doing good work. He has a great personality and has a great Honda image. He is working hard, training, testing and maturing. At the young age of 20, he is doing such a phenomenal job, racing against very experienced professionals. The Big 6 series is maintaining a very strong following and continues to evolve into one of the premier off-road motorcycle racing series for the west coast. Special thanks to the Stewart family for all the hard work and extra effort and thank you to Joe Monge of American Honda for coming out to support. Next WCGP is April 7th, in 29 Palms, CA hosted by the Hilltoppers MC.” - Johnny Campbell

Race report provided by JCR/ Honda

Photo: JCR/ HOnda