Today on The Show - Friday, June 8th

Celebrity chef Anthony Bordain dead at 61.

New survey says that we stop discovering new music at the age of 30.

Hotel Influenza! University will give you the flu - pay you $3,500 and give you a 10-night hotel stay.  

Eleanor Kerrigan at the Comedy Store tonight!

The History of Video Games is now for sale.

Grab your BFF and celebrate National Best Friends Day with the best TV friends of all time.

Sheriff fires his deputy after losing to him in South Dakota election

Kate Upton Is America's Hottest of 2018
Kate Upton Is America's Hottest of 2018
The 26-year old beauty was given the title American Beauty No 1 by Maxim Magazine, as she tops the list of their 2018 Maxim Hot 100.


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