New Study Says James Bond Is A 'Severe' Alcoholic

 Daniel Craig poses as James Bond

A team of researchers analyzed every James Bond movie and determined that the iconic spy, known as 007, has a "severe" drinking problem. They found that over the course of 24 films Bond has had 109 drinks and averaged 4.5 drinks per movie. While Bond's drink of choice is believed to be a vodka martini, "shaken, not stirred," 007 drinks more champagne than any other drink throughout the course of the film series, routinely sharing a bottle with various women. 

The researchers, who published their findings in the Medical Journal of Australia, also estimated he had a blood alcohol content of .36, which could be fatal for some people. They determined that the MI6 agent has "a severe chronic alcohol problem" and "should consider seeking professional help."

He should avoid drinking on the job, in particular when anticipating a gunfight or if he is likely to be drugged (as these are problems he frequently encounters). Complex tasks, including aerial combat in helicopter gunships and deactivation of nuclear weapons, are best done with a zero blood alcohol level.

They also blasted the British spy agency for failing to get their top asset the help he needed, even after learning of his heavy alcohol consumption. 

Similarly, the workplace culture needs to change; to start with, M should no longer offer Bond drinks in workplace settings. Further, MI6 management needs to redefine Bond’s job to reduce his stress levels. More field support and a stronger team approach are needed so that his duties do not weigh as heavily upon him. This may reduce his need to take excessive individual responsibility for mission success, and lessen his drive to pursue missions when off duty (ie, as a rogue agent) and personal vendettas. 

Daniel Craig is expected to reprise his role as James Bond one final time for the 25th movie, which is tentatively scheduled to come out in early 2020

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