Lightsaber Dueling Is Now A Legitimate Sport

The Fencing Federation in France now recognizes lightsaber dueling as a competitive sport making lightsabers as legitimate as a foil, epee and sabre, the traditional blades used in fencing.

Anyone who grew up with the Star Wars franchise likely imagined challenging their nemesis to a duel with a lightsaber. It's also likely that many people acted out the battle with something like a stick or a wrapping paper tube. With improved technology later generations got a taste of the real thing with toys and electronics that actually mimic the film version in luminance and sound. Technology advancements and the never-ending popularity of Star Wars have lead to an entire industry of options, making it possible for lightsaber Dueling to be recognized by the French Fencing Federation as a competitive sport for the masses.

While not lethal like the movie variety, the Lightsabers available to consumers are incredibly realistic and ideal for duelists to slash, feint and stab in 3-minute bouts. The fact that the sport is getting people to be more active is a big reason why the French Fencing Federation is supporting it and equipping fencing clubs with lightsabers and training instructors. The Federation believes that the sport will actually help combat the sedentary habits of 21st-century life that is negatively affecting the health of adults and kids. The Federation has built the sport from the ground up and even established its own set of competition rules.

Serge Aubailly, the federation secretary general said, "With young people today, it's a real public health issue. They don't do any sport and only exercise with their thumbs. It's becoming difficult to [persuade them to] do a sport that has no connection with getting out of the sofa and playing with one's thumbs. That is why we are trying to create a bond between our discipline and modern technologies, so participating in a sport feels natural." You

If you'd like to begin your Jedi training here in the states, an online search will turn up lightsaber training programs and academies throughout the county. If you're looking to self train, you'll find that the price of Lightsabers can vary significantly from a simple kids toy at about $10 to a custom made "Master Level" going for $1,150. If you're in the market for the toy variety, this "10 Best Lightsaber Recommendations & Reviews" might be helpful.

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