VIDEO Of Octopus Sucking A Woman's Face As She Attempts To Eat It

A Chinese woman was attempting to eat a living octopus while live streaming. Unfortunately for the woman, the octopus wasn't going down without a fight, as it used it's arms to attach itself to her face and suctioned so aggressively that she couldn't remove it.

A translator says that she screams "painful," and "I can't remove it" during the episode. After a considerable stretch to her face, the woman, who is actually a vlogger for Kuaishou who goes by the handle Seaside Girl Little Seven, was able to remove the octopus. Her face was red and swollen after the ordeal and she was bleeding from a small cut to her cheek.

Seaside Girl Little Seven promised her viewers that she would eat it in her next video.

A few octopus facts:

  • They are considered to be the most intelligent of all invertebrates.
  • They have three hearts and blue blood
  • They aren't called “tentacles,” they're called ''arms.”
  • And each arm has a mind of its own.

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