Fight Breaks Out In Court When Murder Victim's Family Attacks Her Killer

A sentencing hearing at a court in Youngstown, Ohio erupted into chaos when two family members of the victim attacked the man who admitted to killing her. The family of Elizabeth Pledger was preparing to read their impact statements to the court when two of Pledgers' sons jumped Dale Williams. They began to kick and punch Williams, who was handcuffed, as police officers rushed in to pull them apart.

Officers had to use Tasers to subdue one of the two men. They were both taken into custody after deputies gained control of the situation. Williams was taken to the hospital and his sentencing hearing was postponed.

Williams is facing 23 years to life in prison for shooting Pledger, who was his ex-girlfriend. He admitted to crashing his car into hers and then shooting her to death when she exited her vehicle.

Officials did not release any information about the charges the two men will face.