Married Man's Death During Sex On Business Trip Ruled 'Workplace Accident'

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A French appeals court has ruled against a company that tried to deny benefits to the family of a man who died after having sex during a business trip. Parisian railroad construction company TSO argued that the man, identified only as Xavier X, was not performing business-related duties when he suffered a heart attack while engaging in an "adulterous sex act."

The company pointed out that he was not staying in the hotel they had booked for him and that his death was not connected to his job.

The appeals court rejected TSO's argument and upheld a lower court's ruling that his death was considered a "workplace accident." As a result of the decision, his family is entitled to all the benefits under the law from both the company and the government.

In France, the family of an employee who dies as the result of a workplace accident is eligible to receive up to 80 percent of their annual salary until the year they would have likely retired. They also receive a share of the employee's pension.

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