Mom In Shock After Dad Shaves Baby's Head While She's Asleep!

A California mom needed some sleep so bad and so she left her baby daughter in the care of the baby's father. Her name is Jasmin Valero and obviously she didn't expect to wake up to find her daughter's head had been shaved!

Footage of Valero's shocked reaction to waking up to that went viral on Twitter. Baby Jazlyn bald! The video shows her freaking out while Jazlyn's dad, Joshua Luevanoz, laughs.

Valero captioned her tweet, "The one time I ask him to watch her so I can sleep in." She later said, "In many Mexican families it is tradition to cut babies' hair at a young age so their hair can grow thicker and nicer."

Valero said she and Jazlyn's father agreed they weren't going to do that... until the day she was woken up with that surprise. WTH!!!

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