VIDEO: This Haunted House Is So Scary You Must Sign Waiver!

McKamey Manor originated in San Diego but has moved to Nashville, Tennessee and Huntsville, Alabama. McKamey is the most extreme, interactive haunted house experience in the world -- it literally makes participants live out their worst nightmares. The experience is so real, and intense that participants must meet several requirements, including:

  1. 21 years of age or (18-20) with parental approval
  2. Provide a letter from their physician to verify their physical and mental health
  3. Undergo a background check
  4. Advance screening interview via Skype with Russ McKamey
  5. Sign a detailed 40-page waiver
  6. Provide proof of medical insurance
  7. Pass a drug test on-site

If you meet all of these requirements you're in for the fright of your life. The Manor only allows two guests at a time, and the experience can last anywhere from 4 to 8 hours. It begins with an abduction where actors physically assault you and take you from a meet-up location to the Manor. Once at the Manor it's a non-stop course of terror that includes being bound, gagged, shoved into traps, being buried alive, having your head held under water, being forced to eat disgusting things, being covered in live insects, strange liquid substances and more.

The Manor's theme constantly changes so that no two guests have the same experiences. To date, no one has made it through the entire experience. But once they give up, participants are treated to cookies, water and a blanket to help get them settled after their trauma.

There's actually a big incentive to make it through the extreme version of the experience. According to their website, "In 19 years, NOBODY has ever completed the extreme version. Up to $20,000 can be yours if you survive, and complete 10 hour experience which now starts in Summertown, Tennessee, and moves to other locations."

What might you experience at McKamey Manor:

  • If you get so scared you throw up, you may be forcibly fed your own barf
  • You could be locked in a coffin with bug and spiders - and the coffin is buried under rock and dirt
  • You could be placed in an 8-foot tall tank filled with eels while your head is in a cage for air
  • You could have your head held under water in a series of forced dunks
  • You could be forced forced to eat disgusting things like rotten eggs and worms
  • You could be stung by insects
  • Your head could be shaved or some of your hair ripped out

What does it cost?

There is no admission fee, but participants are asked to bring a couple of cans of dog food to donate to Operation Greyhound.

What are your chances of participating?

Just over 100 people per year undergo the experience McKamey Manor and while in San Diego, 27,000 people were on a waiting list to participate. So your chances are a bit slim.

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