Jimmy G Is Still My QB!

I am blown away at the overreaction to Jimmy Garoppolo's performance in the Super Bowl. People are acting like he had one of the worst games in history now. Did we watch the same game? Jimmy didn't have a huge game, but he didn't have a terrible one either. I was watching PTI yesterday and their LEADm story was will the 49ers go after Tom Brady? Are you serious? Jimmy had a way better season than Tom, not to mention Tom is 100 years old and Jimmy is entering his prime. That literally makes no sense. But ESPN was trying to make this be a story. It's not. Let's look at the stats from the game.

Jimmy 20-31 for 219 yards 1 TD and 2 INTs

The Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes was 26-42 for 286 yards 2 TDs and 2 INTs

Are those stats drastically different? Not really. Jimmy was driving the team down the field and when he was asked to throw it, which I still don't really agree with, he got the pass batted down by Chris Jones. Great play. But because of that, he now sucks? The narrative about him not throwing a ton of passes in the NFC championship and playoffs is ridiculous as well. The teams they played could not stop the run. So why would you pass? If you can't stop the pass, why run? It's pretty simple. But now Jimmy G is no good. Ok. I guess this is the crap you have to deal with when you don't win the big one. But for me...Jimmy G is still my guy. He isn't going anywhere.

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