Look At What Is Growing At Pappani Farms

Never in my life have I been someone who likes to garden. I have a black thumb for sure. But moving into this house last year and seeing all the fruit trees it came with, I was a bit worried. But tuns out, I really enjoy it. I love picking my fruit. I have a bunch of different fruit trees. Oranges, lemons, avocado, pomegranate, persimmon, plum, you name it. To my surprise, I saw the other day that we have a new crop. Grapes! We've had a grape vine but nothing has ever been on it. I looked the other day and low and behold, we have grapes! Looks like I will have to re-open Pappani Winery soon. My family had a winery way back in the day. I might have to start it back up again.