MY Top 10 Aerosmith Songs

This will probably be my most controversial list yet. I am a big Aerosmith fan. But only a certain era. From about '87-2000 is where I live. So there are a lot of classic Aerosmith songs that don't make my list. Your list would look totally different and that's ok! So here we go...

1.Janie’s Got A Gun – The best single from Pump. The vocal gymnastics Steven Tyler does in this song is super underrated. Most people talk about Dream On, but I prefer Janie. The song won the Grammy and our hearts.

2.What It Takes – This was the 3rd single from Pump. I have always enjoyed it. Might be a little high but as I was putting together the list, I just kept putting it higher and higher. Ended up at 2.

3.Don’t Want To Miss A Thing – People either love it or hate it. I am in the love category. This is their biggest hit. Its their 1st and only #1 song. You give me Harry and the crew in Armageddon teamed with this classic...I'll take it all day.

4.Livin’ On The Edge – From Get a Grip. Saw them perform it at Woodstock 94. It usually turns into a jam session. Love it.

5.Crazy – It's another one from Get a Grip. The 3 appearance in the trilogy by Alicia. This is the one where Liv Tyler joins her. Kind of weird to have your daughter be sexy in your video, but whatever. Took the Grammy in 94.

6.Angel – My 2nd song from Permanent Vacation. This song doesn't get its due. A true power ballad. Some may think its too high, but I like it at 6.

7.Cryin’ – From Get A Grip. Its the 1st appearance by Silverstone and the most requested video on 93. Can't get enough from this album.

8.Amazing – My first of many from Get A Grip. Its the 2nd appearance by Alicia Silverstone in their videos. My only issue is I didn’t like the old time radio part at end. Totally unnecessary. But still a awesome song.

9.Rag Doll – From Permanent Vacation. Love the opening beat. Joey Kramer kills it.

10.Walk This Way – Ft Run DMC. This is the oldest song on the list. I like the Run DMC version better of course. I think most people do. It's the one song that I've heard a ton that made it.

Ok, unleash. I know. Songs like Dude Looks Like a Lady, Love in an Elevator, Dream On, Sweet Emotion, Back in the Saddle, Mama Kin all didn't make it. They suffer from such fatigue that I can't put them in there. If I were to do just the Top 10 Aerosmith songs, then Dream On and Sweet Emotion would probably be 1 and 2. But these are MY favorites. So they didn't make the cut. Sorry not sorry.

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