MY Top Ten Sublime Songs

This one has a special place in my heart. I love Sublime. I listened to Sublime non stop in the 90s. They were my party band. My go to album. So I have strong feelings about a lot of their music. So here we go...

1.Garden Grove – This is the ultimate Sublime song. If an alien were to land on this planet and say play one song that best describes Sublime, I’d plat them this one. The best.

2.Badfish – This song is deeper than people may realize. This had to be when Bradley was deep in addiction. I guess Badfish is a term used for someone who introduces you to heroin for the first time. Such a trip. But an awesome song nonetheless.

3.Doin’ Time – This song will also put me in chill mood. You got that Summertime vibe going.

4.Caress Me Down – I love all the dirty references. Ron Jeremy gets a shout out. It’s a song they don’t perform with Rome because of the "Mucho gusto, me llamo Bradley" line

5.Pawn Shop -This is just a jam. They don’t say much other than down here at the pawn shop. Lot of music in it. But puts me in a mood.

6.Santeria – Another song I can recite every word to. Maybe their 2nd biggest hit.

7.What I Got – Their most played song on the radio. I know every word. I have a little fatigue with it but still ranks high on the list. A classic.

8.Seed – This one is one that might not be one of their more popular songs, I’ve just always loved it. I love how it goes from fast to slow and back again.

9.Date Rape – Hard to like a song called date rape, but its one of their best. But subject matter aside, still a great song.

10.Smoke 2 Joints – This will be controversial. But I am not a stoner. So this isn’t my anthem. But I do love the song. Just not like some other people that will remain nameless….(Sky)

Whew! That was tough. Special shout out to some other favorites like Get Ready, Jailhouse, Johnny Butt and Burritos. You may notice Wrong Way not on the list. Its ok, but couldn't crack my top 10. Same with April 29th. Most of that song is just naming cities. Either way, that's the list. Hope you agree but if not's MY list!

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