Maserati Crashes Under Freeway Overpass Into Perfect Wedge PHOTOS

Photo provided by California Highway Patrol

While driving his girlfriend's Maserati SUV at an excessive speed, a 32-year old California man tried to evade pursuit by California Highway Patrol (CHP). The chase ended when the driver exited the freeway and lost control of the vehicle, careening up an embankment before crashing into the underside of a concrete overpass. The vehicle's rate of speed and the force of impact caused it to cave into itself and become wedged under the freeway.

The chase occurred on a freeway in Oakland, California on April 12 when the CHP began following the speeding Maserati. Instead to pulling over, the driver accelerated to over 100 mph before ultimately exiting the freeway and crashing.

“The driver is lucky to be alive. The owner of the Maserati … not so lucky,” explained a CHP officer at the scene. The driver appears to be okay, but was taken to a hospital for pain and now faces charges of reckless evading.

A spokesman for the CHP, Officer David Arias added, “It was a miracle he didn’t get more injuries because the whole area where his head would have been caved in. He must have ducked or something."

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