Today on The Show - Thursday, May 20

CEO of Colonial Pipeline explains why he paid hackers $4.4 million.

The best day of the week to take a "Mental Health" day off from work.

Chelsea Clinton calls into the show and talked about her new podcast on iHeartRadio.

Padres' Fernando Tatis Jr goes 4-for-4 on his first day back after COVID quarantine.

New report says most consumers trust product review websites.

Kristen Bell says husband Dax Shepard "babysat" her when she tried hallucinogenic mushrooms.

Divorce rate in China falls 70% after government forces couples to have a "cool off" period.

The most badass movies of all time.

Woman goes viral for Instagram post "I would like to thank muy butth0le.. for always keeping me on my toes and for giving me mild internet fame. "

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