My Fantasy Football Team: Team 2

Here we go! We held our IHeart league draft on Wednesday night. It's pretty close to as last minute as you can get. Even with that, I still got screwed. I was drafting 8th in a 12 person standard league. Here is my team:

QB: Josh Allen and Fitzpatrick

RBs: A.Jones, G.Edwards, K.Hunt, Z.Moss,

WRs: D.Hopkins, A.Thielen, K.Golladay, M.Jones Jr., D.Parker

TEs: R.Tonyan and J.Cook

K: Butker

D: Browns

Yes, you saw that right. I drafted Gus Edwards. He tore his ACL in practice yesterday! That sucks. Not sure what I'm going to do now. RBs are at a premium. I haven't made a move yet. I want to see who could step up and come out of nowhere like James Robinson did last year. But I'm definitely off to a rough start.

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