MY Top 10 Taylor Swift Songs

This is a true labor of love. I am a loud and proud Swifty. Have been for a long time. She is amazing. There has been several P1s demanding I do my Top 10 Taylor Swift songs for a while. I did it and am very happy with how it turned out. So here we go...

Top 10 Taylor Swift Songs

1.Shake It Off – This is it. The ultimate Taylor anthem. Leave her alone. You can’t take us down!

2.I Knew You Were Trouble – Running theme here. The guy that you knew was trouble, but you can’t help yourself. So hard to be the giver and lover and have it not work out.

3.You Need To Calm Down – Stop your bullying. Stop with the mean comments. We don’t need it, we don’t want it. You need to calm down.

4.Blank Space – She satirized her man eating persona here and its great. You tell em Taylor!

5.You Belong With Me – She wears short skirts, I wear tshirts. Been there right ladies? Who hasn’t felt like this? The hot chick who is all priss gets the guy and you know he belongs with you.

6.Wildest Dreams – Love her voice in this one. She knows this guy won’t work. Total bad boy. But somewhere in their wildest dreams, maybe…just maybe.

7.Bad Blood – Is this song about Katy Perry? She don’t give a rip anymore in this one. Let it loose Taylor! Get her!

8.Style – This is about that guy that is bad news. We all know it. It always ends in disaster but this love story never goes out of style.

9.We Are Never Getting Back Together – You go girl! Tell that fool. We are never getting back together!

10.Lover – Probably the newest song on the list. I’m a Swifty from that time period when she was red hot. Hit after hit. Not a big Folklore guy. So Lover is towards the end of her run for me.

Thought about Me, Look What You Made Me Do, Love Story, and a few others, but felt like this is solid. I could move some of them around depending on my mood, but this is where I was at today. Love me some Taylor! She is a true icon.

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