Popular Food Truck Opening First Location In San Diego

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Good news for all the shawarma lovers in San Diego — a popular food truck is preparing to open its first brick and mortar locations in the city.

Shawarma Guys has been making waves in San Diego since first launching its portable restaurant in South Park three years ago. What first started out in 2019 as a small business in the parking lot of a friend's liquor store will soon grow into a restaurant with two permanent locations around the city, per FOX 5.

Owner Bryan Zeto said the food truck did well from the jump, getting around 100 orders a day. However, when Shawarma Guys was chosen by Yelp in 2020 as the best place to eat in the U.S., orders increased to around 400 each day.

"Literally the next day we had crazy lines," said Zeto. "It was awesome."

The first permanent location is set to open in September or October at 5525 Jackson Drive in La Mesa. Once home to a Greek restaurant, the space will undergo a massive transformation and renovation, ultimately leading to a spot where diners can order from a counter and sit down to eat their meal. The menu will include the food truck favorites, such as pita sandwiches and falafel, but will also have an extended menu that includes options that are more difficult to make in a truck, such as more wagyu beef dishes.

A second location is planned for Mira Mesa, but details about that space will be released at a later time. The food truck will also remain in service on Grape Street, which will give diners three options for the Mediterranean favorite. For more information or to see the menu, check out the website here.

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