San Diego Museum Closes Its Doors After 20 Years

Photo: Getty Images

A longtime museum in San Diego has closed its doors for the last time after more than 20 years.

The San Diego Sheriff's Museum and Educational Center has been offering visitors a chance to learn about the history of local law enforcement since opening in November 2021. Now, the museum's lack of revenue has led to it closing for good, per ABC 10 News.

"It had history going back to the first sheriff," said Timothy Tilley, president of the San Diego Honorary Deputy Sheriffs Association. "We've been going on for years just with no income and just putting the money into something that's just sitting here. We just ran out of money."

The San Diego County Sheriff's Department confirmed that the museum was closed, but Tilley expanded on the reasons that led to the decision. According to Tilley, the coronavirus pandemic, along with increased anti-law enforcement sentiment across the country, led the the museum seeing less visitors over the last several years. Because of this, it wasn't able to make enough money to keep operating as they would hope.

While the museum itself is shuttering its doors, the artifacts inside will be sent back to the sheriff's offices that donated them so they find new homes.

"Even though it's not in one central location, the museum will live on in the different substations, the jails, at Ridgehaven, and we're not going to lose any of it," he said.

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