WATCH: Raccoon Gets Head Stuck In California Roof

Photo: Santa Cruz Animal Shelter

A female raccoon in California found herself in a 'hole' lot of trouble on Monday after chewing her way through a roof. Once her head was inside of the roof, she became stuck.

According to KTVU, animal rescuers in Santa Cruz had to help rescue the raccoon after emergency services were contacted. The owners of the mountain home were told to push the raccoon back through the roof so that she didn’t suffocate.

Here is what the Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter shared with Facebook followers regarding the incident:

"And luckily this mama raccoon survived! Our friends at Wildlife Emergency Services received a call earlier today from a concerned citizen in the Santa Cruz Mountains regarding a raccoon that had chewed through their roof and had gotten herself stuck. Knowing that time was critical, they instructed the citizen how to push the raccoon through the hole so it wouldn't suffocate. Now that the mama raccoon is back safe with her babies, Wildlife Emergency Services will help the citizens to set up a repellant barrier to safely and humanely have mama and her kids move along to a more appropriate home. We always love a happy ending."

The raccoon was set free and was able to reunite with her babies on the ground.

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