Ex-Red Hot Chili Peppers Guitarist Josh Klinghoffer Sued For Wrongful Death

Photo: Getty Images

Former Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist Josh Klinghoffer is being sued for "negligence and wrongful death" after running over a pedestrian with his car in March. According to legal filings obtained by TMZ, 47-year-old Israel Sanchez was "dragged across the asphalt" by Klinghoffer's car and "sustained blunt force trauma to his head," ultimately killing him hours later.

Klinghoffer's attorney, Andrew Brettler described the incident to TMZ, assuring that the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee called 911 as soon as he realized what he'd done.

"It was a tragic accident. After Josh struck this pedestrian in the intersection, he immediately pulled over, stopped the car, called 911 and waited until police and the ambulance arrived. Obviously, he's cooperating with the police throughout the traffic investigation. This was purely a tragic accident."

Video footage obtained by a street camera shows the former RHCP guitarist making a "distracted" left turn, without so much as tapping on his breaks before striking Sanchez who was just walking across the street.

The Los Angeles Police Department has yet to make any arrests as the case proceeds. Klinghoffer is said to be on tour with Pearl Jam as Sanchez' family continues to go after the star for damages.

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