Are You A Sucker Or A Biter?

Over a million people have responded to a BuzzFeed quiz that asked how people eat certain items. The survey asks whether you suck or bite the items on the list and here's what they found:

ICE CUBES: It's close, but sucking win with 51%, and 49% bite.

ORANGE SLICES: 73% bite them, and 27% suck.

BREATH MINTS: 75% suck on them, and 25% bite.

CHEESE BALLS: 84% bite them, and suck them.

HARD CANDY: 86% suck on them, and 14% bite them.

POPSICLES: 76% suck on them, and 24% bite.

CHOCOLATE: 77% bite it, and 23% suck it.

GUMMY BEARS: 90% bite them, and only 10% suck on them.

And since we're on the "sucking" and "biting" topic, did you know that people who suck their thumbs and bite their nails have fewer allergies than those who don't?

A study done in New Zealand followed 1,037 children by researchers from the University of Otago. The team found that kids who engaged in one of these habits had a 39 percent risk of testing positive to at least one common allergen at age 13, compared with 49 percent of kids who did not bite their nails or suck their thumbs. Kids who were both nail-biters and thumb-suckers had only a 31 percent risk, the researchers reported.

“The findings support the ‘hygiene hypothesis,’ which suggests that being exposed to microbes as a child reduces your risk of developing allergies,” study coauthor Robert Hancox, a professor of respiratory epidemiology at the University of Otago. Weird, right?

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