Can White Children Wear Black Panther Masks?

Walmart Black Panther Costume

Parents are divided.  

You take your child to watch the new Black Panther movie, of course your child wants a mask from the movie now.  If your child is black it's a no-brainer, but if your child is white.... what's the correct answer?

Some people are saying that allowing your child to wear the black panther mask could be viewed as a form of cultural appropriation.

Fortunately most parents interviewed say there is no reason a white child can't dress like the black panther.  Just like a black kid is fine dressing as Captain America.  

The point of the costume is to celebrate the black hero and shouldn't we be hoping that white children would want to celebrate a black hero?

Even Black Panther star Chadwick Boseman claimed he’s “thrilled at the prospect of children, black and white, dressing up as the title character,” saying it represents a “crossover.”

In the end, common sense seems to win here. and shhh don't tell anyone but white children are modeling the black panther outfit at   

Now, the question is... Do you think white children should wear a black panther mask if they choose?



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