Christina Aguilera Naked And Covered In Honey In Smoking Hot New Video


Christina Aguilera is back with her first album in nearly six years.  The new album, titled Liberation features this new song above "Accelerate" which is a collaboration with Ty Dolla $ign and 2 Chainz and it is most certainly a liberation from something, although not clear exactly what?

The album is also produced by Kanye West at a time when he's making the worst decisions of his career but if Kanye knows one thing it's how to grab your attention, and if "Accelerate" is one thing, it's definitely attention grabbing.

As for the song itself, there's a fun lyric or two in there, but doesn't have any sort of meaningful direction and the sexuality of the video seems to try and compensate for that.  Considering it really isn't much of a song at all but she's hot and almost naked, so...


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